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Our plastic surgeons perform a full scope of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Through surgical planning and discussion, the doctors perform

Women live longer than men in every age trying to look young and "natural." Currently, aesthetic medicine offers women both surgical and non-surgical options for correction of facial aging changes: peels, hardware cosmetology, mesotherapy using different vitamin cocktails, homeopathic remedies, hyaluronic acid, and finally - surgery. The choice of method depends primarily on the state of the patient's soft tissues: skin, subcutaneous fat, muscle and connective tissue scaffolds. That is why you should not neglect pre-operative consultation. Try to discuss with your doctor all details of a particular procedure. Of course, the success of the operation depends as much on the doctor and on the patient and his attitude. In Kansas City, you can get the professional help of a plastic surgeon in hospitals as Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, Advanced Cosmetic surgery and Quinn Plastic Surgery Center. As the price of plastic surgery in Kansas City, it is worth noting that the cost of procedures is not too different from other cities and is within $25 000.