Buttock Surgery

Your natural buttocks can look fuller and rounder. A larger backside makes the waist look smaller and better shaped. Different types of this surgery are gluteoplasty, butt augmentation, butt lift, and Brazilian butt lift.

Buttock Lift


A buttock lift is used to improve the overall appearance of the buttocks by removing excess skin and fat. Those who have sagging or dumpy looking buttocks are good candidates. Incisions are made along the base of the spine, so the scar is hidden. The buttocks appear tighter and smoother after they’re lifted.  A Brazilian butt lift involves lipoinjection, or fat transfer. Butt injections of fat are transplanted from other parts of your body into the fat cells in your buttocks. Nothing synthetic is used to enhance your buttocks and so the end result looks and feels natural. The risk of infection is minimal, as the injected fat comes from your own body so rejection is unlikely to occur.

Buttock Surgery procedure photo

Butt Augmentation


The procedure of butt augmentation involves butt implants or buttock injections. If you don’t have much fat on your body for a Brazilian butt lift, you can opt for butt implants. This procedure occurs under general or local anesthesia. Shaped silicone implants are inserted through a midline incision on the gluteus maximus. The location the implant is inserted in depends on what area of your buttocks you want augmented.

 Butt Injections


Other types of butt injections besides fat include hydrogel, PMMA, and silicone. Silicone is safe for use, but be aware that liquid silicone can move to other parts of the body.  PMMA, or polymethyl-methacrylate, is safe but expensive. Hydrogel is illegal in the United States and has been known to cause severe complications. If you’re interested in injections, consider PMMA or silicone.

Buttock Surgery Benefits

Buttock Surgery photo


The benefits to buttock surgery are both corrective and cosmetic. Gluteoplasty can fix any defects or deformities to the shape of the buttocks. Those that suffer from cellulite will have it corrected when contouring smoothens out the skin. Body image is important to improve self-confidence. To women that desire feminine buttocks that are well-defined and fuller on the sides, an augmented butt looks shapely. It usually takes 2-3 months to complete healing and to see what the new shape of the buttocks is.


Buttock Surgery Risks


The risks of buttock surgery include improper setting of the implants to create a lopsided or asymmetrical appearance, and persistent sagging. This can be fixed with reversionary surgery.  General complications also include visible scarring, embolism, numbness persisting from anesthesia, blood clots, and bleeding.