Breast Lift

breast lift photo Breast Lift (or mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that lifts and reshapes your breasts, restoring their fullness and contour. The procedure is a solution for sagging, prolonged or flat breasts, and can be performed with our without breast augmentation, or reduction, depending on your goals and vision. You can opt for mastopexy, if your health is in good condition, you don’t plan on having any more children, eat healthy and tend to stay in the same weight.


There are two main types of breast lift depending on the scale of modification the patient requires: full mastopexy and limited. Both types represent the same procedure, differing only in incision number that is made to each breast and size.

During the initial conversation with the surgeon, you will determine your breast lift cost and complexity of the surgery, discuss the desired size and shape of our breasts and decide if you need breast reduction or implants. The surgeon will take necessary measurements and “before” pictures prior to surgery. You should also discuss the recovery process, possible complications and ways to deal with them, if they do occur.


During the procedure the surgeon scarifies the breast in shape of anchor following the natural outline. The contour of incision is located on the area where breast skin needs removal, determining this way a new nipple location. After the removal of the excess skin, the position of areola and the nipple will be a little higher. Then the surgeon provides bringing down and together of the skin around the areola in order to reshape the breast. If will need a less extensive incisions if your breasts are smaller. There is also a procedure of doughnut breast lift, during which the surgeon makes circular incisions in the around areola area in order to remove skin in a shape of doughnut.


Mastopexy is quite a safe procedure if it is provided by qualified and certified plastic surgeon. But nevertheless there also common risks patients are to consider. The common risks are represented by breasts dissymmetry, unfavorable scarring, infection, complications related to anesthesia and feeling or numbness loss.


The process may take some time. The stitches are usually removed in a week or two after the surgery, but you breasts may will stay swollen and bruised for some time. You will also experience pain and your surgeon will prescribe anesthetics to reduce unpleasant effects.  You will be required to wear bandages and/or a surgical bra for several days. You may experience sensitivity loss in your nipples, but it should soon return to normal.

You can breastfeed after a breast lift surgery, as the nipple and areola stay connected to breast tissue. However, pregnancy and breastfeeding may reduce the lifting effect. The surgery effects are not permanent but can last longer if you avoid weight fluctuations and smoking, exercise regularly and stick to a healthy diet.

The post-mastopexy complications are rare but possible, and include uneven breast positioning, sensitivity loss, excessive bleeding and in some cases, infection-related complications. The scars will remain even after your breasts have healed. To ensure best results and minimize risks, choose an experienced certified surgeon.  


The impression of breast lift before and after may differ. If the breast implants were inserted while procedure it can enhance the result. But keep in mind that such factors as pregnancy, gravity, weight fluctuation and aging affect your breasts appearance. 


Breast lift cost can be different, depending on surgeon and other factors including your individual needs and location. So as usual the typical cost range is from $4,000 to $10,000 that on average is around $5,000.