Breast Reduction

breast reduction photo Breast reduction is a procedure used to alleviate a discomfort of overly large and weighty breasts, which are a cause of physical and aesthetics concerns of many women. The surgery, also known as reduction mammaplastry, reduces the breast size by removing excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. As a result, your body achieves more harmony and proportion, the pain you may have experienced in your back and neck is eliminated, and your physical comfort and self-esteem are increased.

How to Reduce Breast Size

Breast surgery is a good choice if you are not comfortable with the size of your breasts, are physically healthy, don’t smoke. If you have large sagging breasts, breasts of pendulous shape and stretched skin, the procedure may have to be combined with a mastopexy (a breast lift) for a better result.

Before the surgery you and your doctor will discuss your expectations as to the outcome, the use of current medications, vitamins and supplements, the history of breast cancer in your family, as well as possible complications and risks. To ensure satisfactory outcome, your health should be in good condition before the surgery. The surgeon may also take pictures of your breasts before reduction mammoplastry, for a medical record.


The technology techniques of the procedure are different but the most common performs an incision in a shape of anchor around the areola that is made by a surgeon and extends following the natural bend of breast beneath area or downward. Then follows the process of removing an excess skin, glandular tissue and fat, locating areola and the nipple into a new position. Breast skin from both sides will be brought down and around the areola, providing a new breast shape. In order to remove excess fat from the area of armpit, the liposuction procedure can be performed. Only good reduction mammoplasty specialist can help to get the best results that will make you happy comparing breast reduction before and after.


There are different breast reduction stories, some of them tell us about the possible risks. The complications may include scarring, infection, uneven nipple positioning, excessive breast firmness, poor wound healing and the number of other risks. You and your surgeon should discuss means that the clinic may offer to deal with them. Please note, that after a breast reduction surgery there’s a risk to lose your ability to breastfeed. This is a reason why the procedure is recommended for mature women, whose breasts are fully developed and who do not plan on having more children.


Breast reduction recovery lasts from 6 months to one year, while new shape of your breasts will be settled. But bruising and swelling disappear quickly, in first few weeks after a procedure. Nevertheless these weeks you may feel a slight pain. Try to avoid pushing and lifting heavy things for 3 weeks to month. And already in two weeks you may back to work.


The process usually involves incisions, chosen depending on your anatomy and body type. Excessive fat, skin and breast tissue are removed. In some cases, liposuction only may be used for reduction purposes. During the recovery period you will have to wear post-surgical garments. Bandages will be applied to the incision lines and you may be required to wear a support bra.

The results will be visible right after the surgery, but your breasts will assume a better look at the end of the recovery period, after the stitches are removes and after the incision lines have significantly faded.


The cost of breast reduction surgery may differ depending on how complex the procedure will be. The cost of a procedure may be covered or partly covered by insurance, especially if carried out for medical reasons. The clinics usually offer flexible payment options. The fees include medical tests, medications, post surgery treatment and garments. Breast reduction cost is different depending on plastic surgeon, geographical area and your individual extent of the operation. As usual the cost range for the procedure represents by from $3,000 to $10,000.