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Dr. Bruggeman is a board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. He received both his undergraduate and his medical degree from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He completed a plastic and reconstructive surgery residency

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He earned his Medical Degree at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia followed by completion of a five year residency in general surgery at the Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency program.

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He went on to medical school at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dell Parker Smith, MD, FACS is a board certified plastic surgeon in Twin Falls Idaho with extensive training and experience in all areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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She received her medical degree from Washington University in St Louis. She pursued General and Plastic Surgery training at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston and continued her training with a fellowship in cancer reconstruction

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After graduating medical school, Dr. Wigod completed eight years of formal General Surgery Residency and Plastic Surgery Fellowship training. His 16 years of higher education allows him to perform both Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Craig Bass specializes in plastic reconstructive surgery in Boise, Idaho. Board Certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery. He completed four years of general surgery residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.

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Dr. Thomas D. McKim, Plastic Surgeon, providing services in cosmetic surgery to the Community of Boise, Idaho, board certified by and American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. McKim qualifies to share their expertise on cosmetic procedures

Breast Lift in Idaho, ID

Mastopexy, or breast lift, is a surgery to uplift and reshape breasts that have lost their fullness and contour. The surgery removes stretched skin, lifts you nipple and areola up, and can be carried out in combination with breast augmentation or breast reduction. If you feel your breasts have lost their initial fullness, you may opt for a mastopexy with implants, to restore their size to desired proportion. You are a good candidate for a breast lift if you don`t smoke, work out regularly, and stick to a healthy diet.

Most medical insurance won`t cover the cosmetic surgery cost, however most clinics have customer financing plans. The cost of the surgery will depend on a number of deciding factors, like the degree of lift you need, and whether or not you need implants. The average breast lift cost in Idaho is $8000, but prices may vary depending on your surgeon’s credibility and experience.

A breast lift is a complex procedure that involves incisions and surgical intrusion. The type of the incisions is usually decided upon during the first meeting with your surgeon. After the surgery the scars will remain visible, but are sure to fade with time. During the recovery period, you are likely to experience unpleasant effects, like some swelling and pain. You will be required to wear bandages and/or surgical garments and in one of two weeks the stitches will be removed. The results of your mastopexy will be more lasting, if you eat healthy, exercise, refrain from smoking and stick to healthy diet.

The state of Idaho is located in the northwest region of the United States and borders with Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana and the Canadian province British Columbia in the North. The state is the seventh less populous state in the United States, the population of its capital, Boise, reaching 100 000 thousand residents.