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He earned his Medical Degree at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia followed by completion of a five year residency in general surgery at the Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency program.

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She received her medical degree from Washington University in St Louis. She pursued General and Plastic Surgery training at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston and continued her training with a fellowship in cancer reconstruction

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After graduating medical school, Dr. Wigod completed eight years of formal General Surgery Residency and Plastic Surgery Fellowship training. His 16 years of higher education allows him to perform both Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Craig Bass specializes in plastic reconstructive surgery in Boise, Idaho. Board Certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery. He completed four years of general surgery residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.

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Dr. Thomas D. McKim, Plastic Surgeon, providing services in cosmetic surgery to the Community of Boise, Idaho, board certified by and American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. McKim qualifies to share their expertise on cosmetic procedures

Breast lift in Boise

Breast lift (mastopexy) is plastic surgery, which can be used to restore the height of the breasts, improve the size and shape, give it elasticity. Tall, beautiful, firm breasts - a sign of youth and health. But no matter how perfect the nature of the female breast, over time, it undergoes unwanted changes. Drooping breasts occur after breast-feeding, weight changes. Stretching of the breast tissue and breast ptosis can happen because of fad diets where fat woman loses weight rapidly. Also almost every woman expects age-related decline in skin elasticity breast. In addition to aesthetic problems often arise and physiological, such as stooped posture, incorrect posture, curvature of the spine. In all these cases, breast lift is the most effective way to restore the normal height of breasts, their beautiful shape and contour, to return a woman confidence. Speaking of Boise, the cost of breast lift is in the range of $5 000 to $10 000. Of course, breast lift prices slightly vary from clinic to clinic.