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Dr. Contogiannis completed her plastic surgery residency at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, Missouri. After receiving her undergraduate bachelor degree from Duke University, she received her medical degree from East Carolina University.

Face Lift in Greensboro

As long as we feel that we look great we feel great. That's a fact. And to look great when you are getting aged is not that simple. But there is an easy way out. A face lift is a great procedure that will make you confident about your great look. It doesn't stop the process of aging, though. But it definitely makes you feel younger for a considerable period of time. Usually doctors promise that the results will last for about 5-100 years, but there's no 100% guarantee because each person is different and possesses different genetics and a lifestyle. Greensboro is a large city in the state of North Carolina, NC. It is situated in the southeastern part of America. Greensboro provides you with many wonderful clinics and surgeons to choose from. The cost of a face lift there is about 8000$.