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Having over 14 years of experience in the sphere of reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, Dr. Jonathan Sollender has earned great respect within the medical community. He invites patients to have consultation in his Aurora office.

Breast lift in Aurora

Mastopexy is nothing else like a breast lift. You can use it to eliminate sagging breasts, which occurs due to certain factors. The main causes of sagging are pregnancy, breastfeeding, sudden changes in weight, age reasons (loss of elasticity of the tissues of the breast). Operation on breast lift (mastopexy) may be done to women under 18 years of age in the absence of contraindications to correct the appearance of the breast. This is a very popular operation in Aurora. Low-cost of breast lift has made it accessible to every woman. And if the price of a breast lift still scares you, you can use the credit or installment system.