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Having over 14 years of experience in the sphere of reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, Dr. Jonathan Sollender has earned great respect within the medical community. He invites patients to have consultation in his Aurora office.

Body Lift in Aurora

Generally, you will see the Body Lift Surgery options described as Total Body Lift, Upper Body Lift and Lower Body Lift. The actual areas dealt with will be decided on your own individual needs. An Upper Body Lift in Aurora will, as you expect, concentrate on the upper body, targeting the arms, the breasts, and sometimes incorporate a neck lift or facelift. A Lower Body Lift will target the abdominal area, along with the thighs and the buttocks. A Total Body Lift will target all or a combination of areas, as necessary. In general you should expect to part with at least $17000 for a body lift in Aurora although the cost could vary greatly depending on where you choose to carry out the surgery. The City of Aurora is a Home Rule Municipality in the U.S. state of Colorado. Denver and Aurora are the principal cities of the Denver Metropolitan Area, which in 2007 had an estimated population of 2,464,866 (the 22nd most populous MSA in the U.S.).