Plastic Surgery Statistics 2012

120-fbgqq36j The American society of Plastic Surgeons constantly prepares reports about the procedures, which have been done during the year. With its help it is easy to see how their amount increases all the time.

According to the plastic surgery statistics 2012, the number of people, who did different cosmetic procedures enhanced on 5%. Only 2% of the patients did serious plastic surgeries. But 6% had not complicated manipulations. The amount of people who did reconstructive surgeries also increased a little. It is 1%.

Procedures of Depilation

There is nothing new in techniques, which are connected with laser hair removal. But this procedure is done very often. By the way, it is popular not only between female patients. It helps to save a lot of time and results of procedure last for a long time. The techniques, which are used in this sphere, had a great improvement comparing with the previous years.

Botox Injections

Procedures, which don’t need surgical intervention, also gain huge popularity. Their number also increased for more than 5%. Special injections help to be younger for many years. For this reason doctors use such substances as Botox or Dysport. 8% more patients started using them in the last year. By the way, many people preferred procedures which are based on light therapies, such as laser peel. There also exists chemical type of the peel. Only 2% paid attention on it. All these procedures have a lot of advantages. They have to improve appearance and don’t need much time for treatment. By the way, a lot of scientists keep on developing new technologies, which can be used in different cosmetic procedures.

Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgery statistics 2012 reports that the last year a lot of people also did procedures, which are connected with face rejuvenation. They include face lift and also eyelid surgeries. In the same time a lot of people preferred manipulations, which are done with the help of different fillers. There are many reasons which make people do such surgeries. But stabilization of the economics and increasing of confidence in the medical services also have a big meaning. In our time a lot of older people must work together with younger ones. Of course they must always have competitive form and in this situation appearance plays a big role. If worker has not only good experience, but attractive appearance too, he will have more chances to get his position. Maybe it is not right, but it is considered that if people look good, their work will be also more effective.

Not Only Women Do Plastic Surgeries

In the last years men also started visiting surgeons. In the most cases they do it for getting rid of the gynecomastia. It is a disease, which provokes appearance of the big male breasts. The amount of such patients increased by 5% in comparison with previous years. Today a lot of men see nothing unusual in such procedure and are not afraid of it.

The work of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons continues all the time. So if you want to know new facts about plastic surgeries, keep an eye on their latest researches.