Kenny Rogers plastic surgery: facelift

Kenny Rogers, the famous figure in country music, singer and song writer, surprised the public once again. Unfortunately it was not another hit like The Gambler, or the duet like Islands In The Stream. And not some new TV show or even a role in a movie. Everything was more prosaic yet spicy for the beau monde of the Hollywood hills – Kenny Rogers went under the knife of another plastic surgeon.

Surely, that was not the first time Kenny tried to catch his youth and get it back – the photos easily found on the internet let us clearly see that the face of American country music changed a lot through years, no matter how well he tries to deny it. Still, most people believe that the last surgery was a waste of time and money. You may compare and decide yourself – the following photo shows you the difference between how Kenny’s face looked like in different periods of his life.

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery

It would not be a surprise for you if we tell you that celebrities in Hollywood should always look young despite their real age. Kenny Rogers was under the double stress and center or everyone’s attention, as long as he married Wanda Miller who is 29 years older than Kenny. It well-known practice that after getting married with someone who is younger, people do their best to look appropriately against the background of their beloved (the bright example would be Demy Moore). Obviously, Kenny decided to observe the tradition and opted for the facelift and other procedures to reduce the effect of aging on his skin. This escapade of catching the youth that is so elusive started since 1997 (the year of the wedding of Kenny and Wanda), and who knows when it will actually finish. The few years passed since his last surgery, after which he admitted that he will stop going under knife for better looks, but who knows how would Kenny’s mood and attitude towards aging and wrinkles change in some years?

Anyways, what did Kenny Rogers actually do to his face and what results did it bring? Dr. Anthony Youn, one of the celebrity plastic surgeons believes that Kenny gambled with plastics and he lost this gamble. The most obvious surgery is, of course, the eyelids lifting, and this one was seriously overdone and made Kenny look even older than he was before the surgery. The problem is that his canthus was shortened, and now, where the lower and the upper lids meet, the eye gets upwards, and this looks very unnatural. The tight eyelids made Kenny look a bit more effeminate, but hopefully, in some time after the surgery the skin on eyelids loosened a bit which helped the situation a lot, but he still is not looking as he used to before.


Another noticeable interference Kenny did is a browlift – the surgery that is rarely recommended even by the most experienced plastic surgeons because of the unpredictable effect on the general look of the patient’s face. Anyways, Kenny’s surgeon was confident enough to do one, and this made the singer look a bit strange. As long as his eyebrows are now much higher than they used to be, he looks a bit surprised. Probably he really does – by his look in the mirror!

You probably will not find any celebrity that addressed plastic surgeons at least once and completely ignored Botox. And Kenny Rogers surely decided to use this great anti-aging tool. Most critics believe that this one was the only good solution Kenny did on his way to younger appearance. Of course, thanks to Botox and other injectable fillers that he probably used, his facial wrinkles appear less noticeable. Still, together with other changes it makes his face look too artificial in comparison to his natural look.