Courtney Cox Before and After Transformation

Courtney Cox Plastic SurgeryCourtney Cox Plastic Surgery, before and after photos are quite the talk these days and for good reason.

We all fell in love with her throughout her years on the Friends sitcom. We loved her before that for her role in the first Ace Ventura movie. Now, sadly, she is in the limelight after undergoing some pretty serious plastic surgery that’s almost completely changed and transformed her appearance at times.

When you look at the before and after photos it can be alarming. Some are much better than others, but some are downright depressing. What’s causing women like her to do this to themselves? Is the pressure to stay young worth it? Look at the statement Angelina Jolie made.

Like Jolie, Courtney is open, honest and upfront with her decisions, which is refreshing. She was quoted saying:

Being able to age gracefully is one thing but trying to slow aging is another. Sometimes I use Botox. But compared to most stars, I use it sparingly. I should say that it was a bad surprise by using this beautification technique.”

Is Courtney Cox Surgery Indicative of the Technological Age?

In ten years from now what will aging mean anymore? Forget about rich actresses, how about for the average person surrounded by spellbinding cosmic medical innovations and robots? The desire to stay young, and to stay young looking is nothing new. But some of the results these days are downright frightening.

Look at recent photos of Courtney when she isn’t having a bad Botox day, and then realize she’s in her 50’s. How about Madonna? How long will it be before the 50’s are the new 20’s? Let’s not even mention designer babies with super human genes, ultra-intelligence and the ability to basically outfit themselves with mobile technology like Google Glass…

Since when did middle age become unsightly? For countless generations of evolution our kind was respected for living into middle and old age, but now it’s so common. What will age mean when with a quick 21st century laser and some skin treatments we can look like we’re in our thirties again?

You know what, I’m game for anything. I’m very open to trying to prolong the inevitable, I’m a big laser believer — I really think they are the wave of the future. I just did Ulthera, which is supposed to produce collagen, and I’m about to do Fraxel, which will get rid of all these brown spots off my arms, chest and face.”

How about the Boob Job?

On one hand we’ve got mega actresses getting boob jobs, and on the other we have them getting their breasts removed because of certain genes. From boob jobs and lip treatments to countless Botox injections and even gene therapy, what’s happening to the human race?

courteney cox plastic surgery boob job

Why is her boob job anything special? What does it matter? She is one out of millions of women who have this procedure and many other kinds done year in and year out. What’s the message here?

The Courtney Cox Surgery – Before and After Photos of her on SurgeryShock are horrific. But, that’s what most people look like directly after surgery. Although it’s hard to tell if those two women are in fact Courtney.

What are the current statistics for plastic surgery in America?

In 2012 the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported over 10 MILLION cosmetic procedures. Here are the raw numbers for 2012:

- Breast Augmentation: 330, 631

- Liposuction: 313, 011

- Abdominoplasty: 156, 508

- Eyelid Surgery: 153, 171

- Rhinoplasty: 143, 801

And, these numbers are rising despite current global economic conditions. In fact, in a world with increasing breast cancer rates, breast augmentation is now the most common surgical procedure. Liposuction comes in 2nd.

Implants and beautification treatments like these are getting more common. The technology is getting better. The costs are either holding strong, or going down in some places due to the abundance of plastic surgeons coming into the market.

Wait, Courtney Denies Plastic Surgery!

According to recent reports that came out in August of 2013, and according to Courtney’s own plastic surgeon Dr. Young, she has never undergone plastic surgery. They’re blaming the overt change in the shape of her face on “genetic factors.” Or, in other words…aging.

And, the controversy rages onward and upward until the next big name comes waltzing down the red carpet looking 20 years younger, thinner, and strangely different. Some before and after pictures are so blatant. What’s the difference?

From Sandra Bullock to Kate Beckinsale, as technology makes the human population age slower and slower, the stars will always be trying to stay ahead of the curve. Almost like mascots or billboard signs. Courtney’s before and after photos don’t lie, she underwent plastic surgery and facial Botox injections many times, and will probably continue to do so.