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Dr. Charles Benjamin, MD. The license number of Charles Benjamin, plastic surgeon in Fargo, North Dakota, is 6254. Dr. Charles I. Benjamin is a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Charles Benjamin identified specializing in Plastic Surgery.

Liposuction in North Dakota

North Dakota has a lot of qualified clinics where people can do liposuction. Lipo can be of two types: suction and ultrasound assisted. This procedure is made with the help of tubes, which are also known as cannula. Your surgeon suctions fat from underneath the skin what makes your problem areas much better. Some people like to combine this procedure with buttock/arm/face or other type of lifts. ND is short abbreviation which stands for North Dakota. Zip codes of this state are 58001 - 58581. In western part of this state there are lots of natural resources, especially oil. Liposuction cost in North Dakota is really reasonable and starts from $2,000 if you need to do one small area. Liposuction prices involve the cost of anesthesia, surgeon's and facility fees, sometimes other charges. All willing clients are welcome any time. For their convenience there are such options as credit and loan.
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