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Dr. MacPhee is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill medical training system. She received postgraduate training as resident in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Surgery of the Hand at UNC.

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Dr. Gunn attended medical school at the University of Tennessee at Memphis. Her general surgery training was completed at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan where she also completed a critical care fellowship.

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Dr. Contogiannis completed her plastic surgery residency at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, Missouri. After receiving her undergraduate bachelor degree from Duke University, she received her medical degree from East Carolina University.

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This is a public announcement to make you aware that Dr. Sandra J. Fearrington is no longer in private practice. She will be taking over the management of patient records.

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He completed the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. He is a member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons. James Liau, M.D., performs the following procedures:

Liposuction in North Carolina

Best clinics of North Carolina offer to their clients, suffering from the problem of overweight, easy solution - liposuction. This procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course you lose extra fat without working out or much effort. But surgeons always warn about risk of being "over suctioned". It is important to consult your doctor and think carefully how much fat you want to remove. Other ways chosen by clients to get back in shape again are "tummy tuck" and lifts. North Carolina is marked as NC. Zip codes are 27425 - 28790. It borders with Georgia. The climate here is very warm and people can have rest enjoying the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. Average liposuction cost per area is about $3,000. Bigger areas are about $7,000. These liposuction prices include anesthesia, surgeon's fee and sometimes following-up visits. If you think the price is pretty big and cannot pay at once you can use credit or loan option.