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Having graduated the Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Andrew Mandery started his career as a plastic surgeon. He completed the internship at Med College Ohio, there also were spent the years of his residency (completed in 1994).

Liposuction in Indiana

The procedure of liposuction in Indiana may be performed in many medical establishments. This kind of surgery helps to improve body contours due to removing excessive fat. Experience of surgeons and modern techniques make this procedure safe and with minimum risks. Face and eye lift are spread also in the state. Indiana is marked as IN. Zip codes of the state in the Great Lakes region are from 460 to 479. The average liposuction cost is almost $6,000. Many variables are involved by the total price that is why to know the exact sum it is necessary to consult the doctor. Liposuction prices include payment for anesthesia, facility and surgeon's fee. To make this procedure affordable for everybody credit and installment plans are provided by different financial companies.
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