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Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, the Los Angeles plastic surgery practice of Dr. Steven Svehlak and Dr. Daniel Yamini. Both surgeons are double Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

Hair transplant in California

The state of California can boast of advanced plastic surgery and plenty of such experienced professionals as Dr. Timothy Carman, Dr. Jim DeYarman, Dr. Bill Rassman. There are many clinics of hair transplant n the state of California. They qualitatively carry out operations of hair replacement, body and face correction, liposuction and others. California is the most populous region of US, it's located on the West Coast territory. The zip codes are from 90848 to 96004. The state is indicated as CA. The price of hair transplant may include the cost of anesthesia, surveys and tests, consultations. The difference in prices depends on the skill level of the doctor and specialist, the quality of clinics and services, the quality of the operation and condition of the patient. The average cost for hair transplant in California is about 9500-10000$. The procedure of hair treatment passes such main steps as pre-operative consultations and examination, the procedure of transplant and recovery period.
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