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The Washington Plastic Surgery Group provides cosmetic surgery to clients in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. From tummy tucks to brow lifts, this practice provides a full range of plastic surgery options

Body Lift in District Columbia

Cosmetic surgeons can perform a full body lift in District Columbia or opt for less invasive area-specific procedures such as arm, thigh or buttock lifts. The various other body lift procedure are Upper Body lift surgery, Mid body lift surgery and Lower body lift surgery. These procedures combining are called as Total Body lift surgery and if done partially or individually are assigned to a specific portion of the body. An average cost of body lift in District Columbia including surgeon's fee, anesthesiologist's fee and operating room fee is $14,500. District Columbia is a federal district of the eastern United States on the Potomac River between Virginia and Maryland. Coextensive with the city of Washington, it was established by congressional acts of 1790 and 1791 on a site selected by George Washington.
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