Kenny Rogers plastic surgery: facelift November 13, 2013
Kenny Rogers plastic surgery: facelift

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery: facelift – such titles can be seen all over the internet today. If you want to see before and after photos – read more at

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Plastic Surgery Statistics 2012 July 31, 2013
Plastic Surgery Statistics 2012

The American society of Plastic Surgeons constantly prepares reports about the procedures, which have been done during the year. With its help it is easily to see, how their amount increases all the time.

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South Korean obsession with plastic surgery May 23, 2013
South Korean obsession with plastic surgery

Current polls have revealed a very interesting trend – even though plastic surgeries are no doubt extremely popular around the world, some nations are more prone to going under the knife than others are.

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There are lots of people in the country who have some flaws or just not satisfied with their appearance. This may happen in every age among representatives of both genders. That is why such specialty as plastic cosmetic surgeon exists. On this site there is useful information in a convenient format about different kinds of surgery. Among them it is possible to list breast surgery and body lifts, face surgery and male plastic surgery. Breast procedures include breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction. Also here it is easy to find some articles about buttock surgery and face lift. Hair replacement and liposuction are also described. Nowadays non-surgical procedures are widely spread and it is naturally that a lot of people want to know all news on this field of medicine. Before making a decision about this or that clinic, surgeon and the type of operation it is useful to look through before and after pictures gallery. This may help to make the right choice. Moreover, such pictures gallery helps to realize clearly what is waiting for you after the procedure. Up-to-date information, recent news from the area of plastic surgery will let you know more about this item and make mutual understanding between you and your surgeon easier.