Plastic Surgery Procedures

There exist a wide range of surgeries. Their differentiation may be based on timing (elective, emergency and semi-elective surgery), purpose (exploratory and therapeutic). Taking into the consideration the type of procedures they may be divided into amputation, replantation, transplant, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery aims to correct or restore forms and functions of parts of the human body. This kind of surgery includes reconstructive surgery, treatment of burns, microsurgery, but the best known are cosmetic and aesthetic surgery.

The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve the person’s appearance of an otherwise normal structure but when the owner does not satisfied with the state of things. Now let’s make a shot review of the services which are performed by clinics. Different types of plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are provided by specialists. Procedures may be face (face lift, face surgery), breast (breast lift, breast reduction and breast augmentation), buttock surgery, body lifting, hair replacement, liposuction. Plastic surgery may be male and female.