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Nowadays, as full and firm breasts are deemed to be a hallmark of beauty, noticing that they have lost their size and contour can be a source of distress and difficult self-esteem issues. If your breasts have sagged and lost their shape after breastfeeding, weight loss or with age, or if their shape is naturally flat with nipples pointing downward, you may want to consider getting a breast lift (or mastopexy). This type of cosmetic surgery lifts and firms your breasts, removes stretches and helps rejuvenate your breasts by pulling your nipple and areola up and removing unnecessary skin tissue. You can get mastopexy if you don't have major health problems, your weight tends to stay stable and you don't smoke. You can have your breasts reshaped with or without increasing their size. The latter involves the insertion of breast implants. Whether or not you choose to have mastopexy with implants will determine your final surgery cost. In most cases, an average breast lift cost in Fort Worth, 682/817, TX, is $8000, usually not covered by insurance. For more exact information contact your insurance provider and the closest surgeon or clinic in your area. Also, it makes sense to ask if the clinic you choose offers flexible payment solutions. A breast lift is a surgical procedure that involves incisions, so the traces of surgery will not be entirely invisible. Some traces, usually one vertical scar underneath each one of your nipples, will remain, but will fade with time. Recovering after a mastopexy may take several weeks, during which you may be experiencing unpleasant effects like swelling and pain. Normally, your surgeon will ask you to wear surgical garments or bandages and prescribe medications to minimize unpleasant sensations. Fort Worth, 682/817, TX, is part of a largest in southern US and the fifth largest in United States metropolitan area - the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex located in North Texas. In 2010 the population of Fort Worth has reached 741,206 residents, of mostly of Caucasian and Hispanic origin. Fort Worth is known to promote itself as "The City of Cowboys and Culture" and is a home of the world's largest indoor rodeo.