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Very often people are not satisfied with their appearance. Nowadays it can be easily changed with the help of cosmetic surgery. There are a lot of special clinics in the big cities, which help patients with different problems. In Corpus Christi plastic surgery is done by the best specialists of this sphere. The most qualified among them are Dr. Gouverne, Dr. Gentile and Dr. Saieh. They also help with breast lift, liposuction and tummy tuck. Corpus Christi can be found in the state of Texas. Its population is over 312 thousand people. It takes the 8th place in the list of the most populated cities of the state. It has ZIP codes 78401 and 78402. Plastic surgery prices in Corpus Christi can be higher than $9000. Everything depends on the type of the procedure and on the doctor's experience. If cost of surgery is too high for patients, they can consult insurance company about this question.