South Korean obsession with plastic surgery

tumblr_mgpazaWvpt1rddbxfo1_500 Current polls have revealed a very interesting trend – even though plastic surgeries are no doubt extremely popular around the world, some nations are more prone to going under the knife than others are. The leading nation in terms of using the services of plastic surgeons is surprisingly South Koreans.

This was estimated by calculating how many people from South Korea receive plastic treatment per one member of the total population. And the results show that each 77 person chooses to change their appearance in one way of the other.

The International Society of Anesthetic Plastic Surgeons or ISAPS in short is the organization that does the calculations and gathers the statistics and the Society has estimated that in the year of 2011 approximately 15 million individual all around the world have chosen to turn to plastic surgery in order to change or modify the way they look.

The results of this poll are quite shocking and also unexpected to many – the overwhelming popularity of plastic surgeries in South Korea has come as rather a surprise to many, but still the figures do not lie.

In 2011 women of ages 19 to 49 from Seoul, the capital city in South Korea, have been asked if they have undergone plastic surgeries and nearly 20 percent of these woman have said “Yes”.

Out of all the various types of plastic surgeries, perhaps, the most popular one is a procedure that is known as the double eyelid surgery. What this means is that during the surgery excess or extra skin is reduced from the upper eyelid. This makes the eyes seem to be bigger in size and gives an all together a very “Western” look.

The common believe behind the sudden boom of such surgeries is caused due to the rise of music industry in the style of country. This theory is supported by the fact that many patients go to their plastic surgeons with pictures of American celebrities and wish for the doctors to change their eyes or noses to make them look like their idols.

This also concerns South Korean artists and singers. For instance, a famous performer PSY, who became world famous because of his hit ‘Gangnam Style’ has admitted to being pressured by his record label into having his appearance enhanced.


And yet celebrities in this part of Asia didn’t stop there, in fact, Miss Korea 2012, a famous Korean beauty named Yu-Mi did not seem to hide her relationships with plastic surgery. She revealed that the surgery is what helped her win the pageant.

Yu-Mi’s appreciation of the surgery has become obvious when pictures of her school years have been showed to the public. And since she looks very different in the photos, there was no doubt whatsoever about how did Yu-Mi enhance her looks. However, young lady did not seem to be embarrassed by this fact, but instead she claims she has never mislead or fooled anybody and said a quote, that became famous – “I never said I was born beautiful”.

Even though South Korea definitely holds the first place in the results of the poll but this doesn’t mean that the country doesn’t have any serious competition.

For instance, the North and South Americas feel very comfortable at the very top of the poll of the 20,000 surgeons.

Some specific regions have also received the first places in the popularity of certain procedures.

The country that is extremely well known for its unique beach culture – Brazil is the leader in male breast reduction surgeries and bottom implants.

plasticbeauty At the same time, the procedure that is commonly known as the ‘nose job’ is the most popular in Asia countries, specifically in Japan, China and South Korea.

The USA is the country that performs the most breast implants, together with Brazil, Mexico, China and Italy.

Furthermore, Brazil and the U.S. are two countries that do eye lift and trendy tummy tucks the most.

Another reason that prompts people turn to a quick fix from the surgical knife is the rising level of obesity. Can there be an easier way to get rid of extra body fat?

Speaking about each individual procedure separately the most popular one ended up being the so-called lipoplasty. This procedure uses very high-frequency waves of sound in order to turn fat into liquid underneath the surface of skin right before sucking the fat out.

The second most often performed invasive plastic surgery procedure is the boob job, with over a million people choosing to undergo a breast enlargement procedure. Blepharoplasty holds the third place in total. The procedure that is also known as the eyelid surgery is no doubt chosen very often when it comes to altering ones appearance. The fourth position belongs to the famous tummy tuck or, in scientific terms abdominoplasty.

The fifth place of the top five holds rhinoplasty with nearly 500,000 people paying to do a nose job. Some of the more unusual but nonetheless popular procedures include buttock implants and chin implants.

The 16th place in the poll by country is help by the United Kingdom, which is the same position it held in 2010. The most widely used plastic surgeries in the UK are breast enlargements and lipoplasty.

Among the non-invasive treatments, Botox injections are number one leaders by far.

Licensed plastic surgeons in the U.S. have performed a total of over 1 million surgical procedures, especially ones like breast enhancements and also over 2 million procedures that do not include surgery, such as Botox shots to help smooth out the wrinkles.

The figures collected by the British Association of Anesthetic Plastic Surgeons or in other words BAAPS clearly show that the obsession with plastic surgery in the UK is largely dropping.

Comparing to the previous year this year there was finally no large decrease in the number of plastic surgeries performed in over a decade’s time.

Experts say that there are numerous factors that may be responsible for this sudden change in the trend, for example the extraordinary high prices for the plastic surgery procedures, and the famous PIP breast scandal, as well as two-for-one offers on the surgery marker are some of the reasons to blame.