Procedure of Breast Reduction - Perfect Breast Shape

Breast Reduction Some women do breast augmentation. But in the same time a lot of the women must have breast reduction, because additional weight causes them a lot of problems. For them, it is impossible to get a perfect breast shape without a special surgery.

There is a medical term, which is used to denounce large breasts. It is called macromastia. Sometimes breasts cause pain in the body. This disease is called symptomatic macromastia. It is necessary to remember that such problem is very serious. Excess weight provokes constant pain in the back, arms and neck. Women with macromastia often avoid any physical exercises. As the result, they can have a lot of extra kilograms and it is hard for them to do even simply work. It's not just about the desire to have a perfect breast shape, in some serious cases women suffer with numbness, rash on the breasts, headache and problems with sleep. Sometimes these symptoms can be mistaken with arthritis, apnea and some other illnesses. Nevertheless, it is not difficult for the doctor to find out the real diagnosis. Macromastia doesn’t need special testing.

Many female patients are afraid of the surgeries. That’s why they try to find alternative way of the treatment. And really, if the size of the breasts is not too large, doctor can use another type of cure. Such patients are usually prescribed massages, heat packs, taking special medicines and many other ones. This therapy is effective, but only for some women. If symptoms are very severe, it will be useless. Sometimes patients are advised to wear bra, which provides ongoing support of the breasts. But for some of them it can cause another pain. It makes additional load on the back and chest.

Women with heavy breasts often try to get rid of the excess weight. It can be very useful for general health. But all their efforts will make no impact on the macromastia. Everything is connected with gravity. Because of it breasts increase in a size. Some people are sure that skin stretches with a time, but it is not true. In fact only breasts volume becomes bigger. Skin on this part of the body is also heavy. Its weight is constant and it doesn’t change under the impact of the diets.

Breast reduction is a standard procedure, which is done often. But not all the surgeons have enough experience in this sphere. That’s why they all treat patients in different ways. Some doctors allow women to leave clinic in a few hours after the surgery. But other specialists insist on their staying at the hospital for several days. But they all prefer doing surgery only with the help of the general anesthesia. Incision care is not difficult, but sometimes process of the healing can be a little delayed. In general patients return to their normal life already in six weeks. But the real results of the surgery will be seen only after several months.

Reduction mammaplasty is very effective procedure, because it gets rid of the factors, which cause macromastia and helps in getting a perfect breast shape. This surgery is the best way to forget about harmful breasts weight. After special treatment women can forget about annoying pain in the body and many other problems, which are dangerous for the health. The latest researches have shown that most of the women are always satisfied with their state after the surgery.