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Breast augmentation in Philadelphia (Phila.) is considered to be one of the most popular plastic surgeon procedures. Many women become patients of Philadelphia plastic surgery clinics to achieve more desirable breast form or size, reduce breast droopiness, rejuvenate breast, correct asymmetry and do other procedures that make breast look younger and more attractive. Philadelphia, the fourth largest city in the USA, is situated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (PA, 15201 zip-code). In its plastic surgery clinics and beauty institutes many famous surgeons work performing various operations of different complexity level. Such plastic operation as breast enlargement is not difficult, but it requires certain professionalism and experience from a surgeon. The surgeons of Philadelphia clinics use only refined surgical techniques that allow them to reduce scarring and the most of postoperative complications. Breast augmentation cost in Philadelphia ranges from 5 to 8 thousand dollars. This price usually includes various fees (surgical fees, anesthesia fees, breast implants cost, post-operative care), but some clinics in order to attract more clients demonstrate lower breast augmentation prices in Philadelphia which in fact include only surgery fees and breast implants cost.