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In Detroit breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic operations. Many female patients go to local plastic surgery centers and clinics in search of bigger breast size and more perfect breast shape. Other plastic surgery procedures, for example tummy truck and liposuction, are also very popular, yet the demand for them is less than for breast enhancement. Detroit (Det.) is one of the biggest city of Michigan (MI, 48201 zip code). This city is known all over the world as an automotive centre. Though the economy of Detroit is in decline now, many plastic surgery clinics don't suffer from lack of female patients who want to get rid of breast and body imperfections. This can be explained by the fact that Detroit has a very developed medical network that includes dozens of hospitals, medical centers, universities and institutes. Many people come to Detroit in search of high-quality medical care and A-class plastic surgery procedures. Average breast augmentation cost in Detroit is a little bit less than in other cities. Moreover, patients of some Detroit clinics can pay for the operation in installment.