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There is nothing that draws the attention of a beautiful woman's body, and the modern fashion put on a pedestal of ideal forms. Of course, time changes everything, including the standards of beauty, but the desire to achieve it never indestructible. But not every woman's figure is ideal, similar to the figure of the model on the cover of a glossy magazine. But it's fixable, thanks to the inventive methods of correction. They easily allow you to look as if descended from the cover of the magazine. The average cost of plastic surgery in Portland is not too different from other cities. Statistics say that the price of breast augmentation surgery in the range of $2000 to $5000. But in general, any operation will cost no more than $20 000. Portland (207) is the largest city in Maine State and in the county seat of Cumberland County. The city population is over 67 000 people. Portland borders such areas as South Portland, Westbrook and Falmouth. The metropolitan hub of Maine's south coast region, Portland is a progressive, lively city incorporating the character of yesteryear into a modern urban environment.