Gloria Gamboa-Gonzalez

1120 15Th St, Augusta, Georgia, 30912-0004, United States, United States(706) 721-2198
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The license number of Gloria Gamboa-Gonzalez, plastic surgeon in Augusta, Georgia, is 48898. She is an active member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Gloria Gamboa-Gonzalez, M.D., performs the following procedures:

  • Breast Procedures: Breast Augmentation, Breast Exchange, Breast Implant Removal, Breast Lift (Mastopexy);

  • Body Procedures: Liposculpture, Liposuction;

  • Face Procedures: Ear (Otoplasty), Facial Scar Revision, Nose (Rhinoplasty);

  • Non-Surgical Procedures: Botox (Botolinum Toxin Type A).

Dr. Gamboa has 32 years’ experience as an MD. Gloria Gamboa is affiliated with Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center, located in Augusta, Georgia. See the reviews if you want.