Richard Jaouen, MD

1129 East 2nd Street, Casper, Wyoming, 82601, United States, 307-472-4300 307-265-7479
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Practice Philosophy

Our practice has been dedicated to serving Wyomingoming with the best quality plastic surgery possible. Dr. Jaouen has made it a point to attend meetings and classes to stay current on reconstructive as well as cosmetic procedures. We especially try to treat our patients, as we would like to be treated in a doctor's office. Our policy is to give the best possible care, on time, and in a friendly atmosphere.

General Plastic Surgery including reconstruction, hand, cosmetic surgery and wound and burn care.

Dr. Jaouen has tried to maintain a nice balance between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.The key here is surgery. He doesn't sell Makeup or skin care products. He does all kinds of breast surgery including augmentation, breast lift, reconstruction after cancer surgery and several kinds of reductions. Dr. Jaouen was a pioneer in this area with vertical scar reductions. With the popularity of gastric bypass surgery, many people have a problem with too much skin. He can recontour these new bodies with tummy tucks, arm and thigh reductions and breast lifts. A big part of what he does is removing skin and soft tissue tumors and repairing the defect. His experience with taking care of burns and their sequelae spans 25 years. Dr. Jaouen teaches classes on wound healing at CSU veterinary hospital and is an expert with all types of wounds and scars, including diabetic ulcers and pressure sores. Repair of torn ear lobes, protruding ears, and injures hands round out thereconstructive part of his practice.
The cosmetic portion of his practice includes breast lift and augmentation, face lift, forehead lift, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and correction of nasal deformities. He also injects collagen and Restylane, does chemical peels and dermabrasion and injects spider veins.

Although many minor procedures like biopsy, collagen or Restylane injections, and torn ear lobe repair can be done in the office, we do most of our procedures in a free standing and fully accredited surgery center. All major surgeries are done in the WMC high tech operating suites. We guarantee private, discreet top notch professional service.