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In San Jose breast augmentation can be done in many local clinics. The residents of San Jose don`t need to go to other cities in search for plastic surgery services because their local centers offer the whole specter of plastic operations such as breast enlargement, breast lift, tummy truck, liposuction, abdominoplasty, brachioplasty and so on. San Jose (JS) is one of the largest cities of California (CA, 95101 zip code). This is also the third largest city in the USA. In this city work many experienced plastic surgeons that have earned reputation of A-class specialists. In their practice they use the most effective methods that help women improve breast shape and achieve more desirable sire of breast. San Jose breast augmentation costs from 5 to 10 thousand dollars. Breast augmentation prices in San Jose vary so greatly because local clinics work on different cost basis. One of them offer elite services with a high standard of post-operative care, and the other attract clients with their more reasonable prices. It should be noted that the type of implants plays an important role in breast enlargement pricing in California. It`s known that saline breast implants cost 500-1000 thousand dollars less than silicone ones.