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Many women from the USA go to San Diego breast augmentation clinics in search for better body forms. Here they find a number of plastic surgery centers that offer the whole specter of plastic operations at moderate prices. Breast enlargement is one of the most called-for procedures in San Diego along with other plastic operations that help female patients get rid of their bodies' imperfections. San Diego (SD) is situated in the state of California (CA, 90001 zip-code). Its climate is very favorable for tourism, but people come to San Diego not only to see its curiosities but also to become patients of its numerous plastic surgery centers where work only certified and experienced surgeons whose fame has long ago overstepped the limits of the city. Average breast augmentation cost in San Diego is about 6.3 thousand dollars. This price is bigger than the average cost for breast enlargement in other US cities that usually doesn't exceed 6 thousand dollars. Breast augmentation price in San Diego depends on many factors such as types of breast implants, geographical location of the clinic, and the range of pre- and post-operative procedures and so on.