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Today, anaplasty has become an integral part of our lives. Originally, this area of ??medicine has served to eliminate any defects in the human body by surgery. But over time, the scope of plastic surgery has expanded and now includes not only reconstructive, but also the aesthetic direction, which is quite popular. Choice of technique of the operation is carried out after consultation with several experts on the basis of your aesthetic wishes and your individual anatomical features. In Sacramento, you can get help in such clinics as The Plastic Surgery Center, UC Davis Medical Center and Folsom Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. The average cost of plastic surgery in Sacramento does not exceed $20 000. This price includes all - consultation with the doctor, the price of materials, hospital fees and taxes, as well as post-operative care. Sacramento (916) is the capital city of the California state and the seat of government of Sacramento County. There are a famous district - Old Sacramento, where many historic buildings are situated, several from the 1850s and 1860s.