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It is usually said that true beauty comes from within, and, of course, it is true that, without being in any way beautiful, someone to be a very attractive due to its intrinsic qualities and the strength of his personality. But the person, however, developed from a combination of external and internal features of qualities. Even if someone says that looks are not important, there is countless evidence to the contrary. People often associate the look with certain qualities. This is often done unconsciously. Someone may seem angry and evil simply because it thin lips with drooping corners of the mouth. Resolve many of the problems with impaired physical appearance helps to plastic surgery. And it is becoming more and more popular, which makes individual operations available to a wide range of people. In Oakland the average cost of plastic surgery does not exceed $20 000. And the prices for plastic reconstructive are within $15 000. Oakland (510) located in the California state. It is the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area and the eighth-largest city in the state. Oakland is continually listed among the top cities in the United States for sustainability practices, including a No. 1 ranking for usage of electricity from renewable resources.