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Breast lift in Anchorage

The dream of every woman is the beautiful breast. However, due to various circumstances beyond the control of women, the shape and size of the breast undergo undesirable changes. Ptosis or drooping breasts are more common after breast-feeding, but sometimes because of constitutional features at a very young age. As a result, the breast skin is stretched, while the glandular tissue undergoes an involution, i.e. reverse development. Plastic surgeon has a problem: how to give a natural breast shape with minimal post-operative scars. Breast lift is called mastopexy. The operation is reduced to the excision of excess skin, improve and redistribute the soft tissues of the mammary glands, and the imposition of a cosmetic seam. This is a very popular procedure, especially because the cost of breast lift is declined in recent years. Price of a breast lifts in Anchorage is $7000 - $8000.