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Breast lift in Alabama, AL

Breast lift (mastopexy) is a surgical procedure designed to bring back the uplifted shape of your breasts. As you grow older, due to natural reasons, your breasts may lose their fullness and elasticity. Mastopexy may be a solution for sagging, stretched and protruded breasts as it lifts them up and restores their initial firmness.

Prices for breast lift in Alabama, AL, depend on the complexity of the surgery as well as on you surgeons experience and reputation. The average surgery cost is $ 8000, but may be considerably higher if you choose to have your breast augmented with implants. The surgery fees usually include anesthesia, post-surgery garments, medication prescriptions as well as surgical facility costs.

During the course of the surgery, several incisions will be made to lift your nipple and areola up. Implants will be inserted if your choice includes breast augmentation. The surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue and close the incisions with stitches. You will have to wear bandages of a special surgical garment after the surgery. After a one or two week recovery period stitches will be removed. The scars will remain visible, but should fade with time. Be sure to follow all your surgeons’ instructions as to how to take care of your breasts, to make your breast lift results more permanent.

The Alabama state is located in the southwest of the United States and borders with Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico in the South. The State`s largest city is Birmingham, with population over 212 000 residents, the state`s administrative capital is Montgomery.